The Pillars of Leadership

Connect with PDD Florian Bay, DTM during the conference weekend

Join Florian in a workshop where he explores essential questions about leadership.

  • Why do some leaders have a greater impact?
  • How can leaders inspire others to action?
  • Can leadership be simplified into essential pillars?

Through historical and personal examples, Florian will guide you in defining effective leadership. Explore why standout leaders excel and uncover the three key pillars of leadership: vision, direction, and communication. Experience a deep dive into the “Why, What, How” approach, focusing on these core dimensions to enhance your leadership skills.

Florian Bay, DTM

Past District Director 2019/2020

Do you know Florian Bay, DTM – Past District Director?
Meet Florian Bay, DTM, a dynamic leader whose journey from the world of chemistry to the world of public speaking and data driven leadership, with a career in the energy industry in between, has been marked by transformation and innovation. Serving as District Director in 2019/2020, Florian faced the monumental task of taking an entire district online, showcasing his adaptability and strategic acumen.
With a background in chemistry, Florian understands the power of transformation under the right conditions—a lesson he applies to both his professional and personal endeavours. His initial career in the energy industry, from nuclear power station control rooms to strategic analysis for the UK’s largest energy company, has equipped him with a diverse skill set and a strategic mindset. In his current career as data science coach, he supports others in uncovering data led insights which enhance organisational performance and service levels.
Florian’s passion for public speaking and leadership ignited in 2013 when he joined Toastmasters International. Since then, he has led large teams, fostering excellence and growth across 170 clubs and 5,000 members in London and Southern Britain. This culminated in leading his district to achieve the prestigious recognition of Distinguished District and to place 2nd in the world on a major excellence metric.
Having overcome shyness and limiting beliefs himself, Florian empathises with the challenges professionals face when delivering important messages. As a Distinguished Toastmaster and holder of a Public Speaking Diploma from New Era Academy, he brings a wealth of experience and expertise to help others unlock their full potential in communication and leadership. Join Florian on a journey of discovery and growth, where his unique blend of experience and insight will inspire and empower you to reach new heights.