Limited by the unconscious – addressing bias in leadership in order to unite and strengthen teams

Meet Alistair during the conference weekend as a delegate and speaker!

An interactive panel from Alistair Marston.

Addressing bias in leadership focused on how we can unite and strengthen teams.

  • Reflect on your own unconscious bias
  • Engage in activities to prompt introspection
  • Be inspired to create a legacy of inclusive leadership

Alistair will kick off this session with a thought-provoking challenge, setting the stage for an enlightening exploration of why diversity and inclusion are crucial in today’s world. Through engaging activities and audience participation, attendees will gain valuable insights into the realities faced by marginalised communities globally.

As the discussion unfolds, Alistair will be introducing panelists in a unique manner, inviting the audience to examine their own perceptions and biases. Each panelist brings a wealth of experience and perspective to the conversation, sharing personal stories and insights on overcoming societal limitations.

Join us for an inspiring session where we delve into the importance of inclusion and empowerment, paving the way for limitless possibilities.

Alistair Marston

Event Professor

All About Alistair

Known in Toastmasters circles as an event professor, Alistair is also a vibrant digital events professional with over 10 years’ experience in producing meetings and conferences. His main passion is assisting creators and brands in delivering impactful live streams and virtual events.

With a background in the pharmaceutical and medical sectors, Alistair prides himself on meticulous attention to detail and compliance with regulations, while injecting unique creativity into events.

For Alistair, every day is an opportunity to put on a show and either learn or teach something new. Drawing from his involvement in the LGBTQI+ community, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Through his thriving event planning business, which includes Pride fest events, and his online speaking channels, Alistair dives into the fundamentals of identity, enriching discussions and fostering understanding.