Is it time to stop hiding inside your club bubble?

Be inspired by Kirti to create your legacy on Sunday at the conference

Get ready for an enlightening journey

as we delve into a captivating interview with Kirti Diryanati, DTM.

A seasoned speaker and entrepreneurial dynamo renowned for her mastery of letting go of perfect, communicating effectively across cultures, and resilience.

Kirti, who proudly wears the ‘sometimes’ a Toastmaster hat, is about to shatter your comfort zone illusions.

Key Learnings

Whether you’re a newbie yearning to venture beyond your club’s walls, a professional eager to amplify your voice, or a seasoned Toastie seeking your next conquest, this interview is guaranteed to stir your sense of purpose. It will compel you to question your legacy as a Toastmaster, a professional, a friend, a family member, and a partner.

How can you more effectively communicate in diverse spaces, confidently pivot in tough situations, build meaningful relationships and overall Befriend Your Mind?

Leading this invigorating dialogue is none other than Amy Jones, DTM, our indomitable Conference Chair. Toastmasters, get ready for an exhilarating injection of inspiration that will catapult you far beyond the boundaries of your club.

Kirti Daryanani, DTM

Meet Kirti

Kirti will be signing copies of her book during Sunday lunch at the conference!

About Kirti

Meet Kirti, the visionary founder of Kirtana 168 with an extraordinary blend of Dutch-Caribbean Asian heritage and over two decades of experience in diverse communities.

With degrees in business, and international relations, and a certified TEFL, Kirti possesses a profound understanding of multicultural communication complexities. Renowned for her thought leadership, Kirti shares her extensive experiences on the intersection of well-being and communication in today’s diverse spaces.

While empathy is essential, she believes that equanimity is the key to thriving and fostering a sense of belonging and effective communication.